Signature Homes collaborated with Marin-based Partners Contracting — specialists in concrete construction — in a complicated process to achieve the high level of detail required to successfully construct the austere architectural form. The pre-construction process included multiple large-scale mock-ups to refine the forms, which consist of a board-formed finish on the exterior and a smooth, acid-etched finish on the interior.

The 1,200-square-foot structure houses three separate bedrooms, each with its own entry, carefully concealed from view. The accommodations are identical, except for the change in elevation as the small volumes step downward to follow the site’s significant slope.

The finishes and furnishings are spare, maintaining a sense of continuity between indoors and outdoors and allowing the views outside the walls of windows to become the primary focus. The distinctive, angled roof lines direct the eye toward the expansive views of the surrounding hills, while the deep overhangs shade the interiors from the heat of the sun in this warm climate.