The primary challenge involved the large amount of earthwork required to bring the roadway and utilities to the site, and to mitigate the poor soil conditions. Composed largely of clay, which can heave and contract under varying conditions. Pier and ground beam foundations ensure that the structure will maintain its integrity over time. Larger than average amounts of rock underlying the hardscape buffer it from movement in the soil.

Designed in a timeless style, with porches running the length of the front and rear facades, and abundant connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, this project called for a high level of finish detailing. Steel doors from Euroline pocket into the walls, with broad openings that require a high degree of precision. The open layout and high, beamed ceilings provide numerous options for entertaining.

Exterior materials on both the estate and the adjacent detached garage and game room, are varied to reflect differing uses of each area. Painted cement board resembles wood siding and protects against wildfires. Nickel-gap detailing helps the siding to stand out, and the shadowed spaces between the boards run parallel to the tall, gridded glass doors — a contemporary take on traditional farmhouse styles. At the base of the home and surrounding buildings, full-dimension stone integrates the exterior with the surrounding retaining walls.