Working within the home’s original footprint, the primary goals for this project were to eliminate extraneous structural elements and design detailing and draw light into the interiors. Removing stucco and plywood revealed structural challenges such as compromised waterproofing and dry rot. To open up the interior spaces, interior columns were eliminated, immediately expanding the sense of interior space. A new, clean-lined exterior trellis was constructed with operable louvers, which can be adjusted to help usher light into the interiors.

Peeling back ornate interior detailing shifted the focus to the detailed craftsmanship and high-quality materials throughout the home. Intersections between finishes were matched with great precision. White oak floors and limestone fireplace mantels and surrounds were sourced from France, and new windows were fabricated in Italy by CG Serementi to work within the original openings.

The lack of window casings on the interior called for precise construction. Exterior decking is designed atop a non-grounded, adjustable pedestal system, creating a permeable surface and promoting drainage.