The couple purchased the property, located half-way between Boonville and Ukiah, as a second home. Designed by a close relative, the goal for this energy-efficient dwelling was to tread lightly on the land. Topped with a living roof, the structure is clad entirely in Redwood siding, constructed with a vented airspace to promote passive cooling. Radiant heating under the polished concrete floor and an off-site geothermal field heats the guest house, while solar panels on the roof of a previously-remodeled entertaining barn heat the main house.

The eclectic architectural style feels right at home in this free-spirited community in the northern wine country. Zinc and stone cladding call attention to columns and chimneys, setting them apart from the Redwood-wrapped exterior.

Arched roof lines, cantilevered window openings and intricately-constructed trellises – canted upward and subtly curved on the underside – come together to form a completely individual residence.