A collaborative alliance of people, activities, and practices...

Nordby Signature Homes views each project as a collaborative alliance of people, activities, business structures and practices.  Combined talents and insights of all participants promote optimal project outcomes, increased value to the client, reduced waste, and efficiencies throughout all of phases of design and construction.

Rustic Barn Style Estate

You’ll find value at each stage of your project, including:

  • Progressive Preconstruction Phase
    • Conceptual Phase
    • Schematic Phase
    • Detailed Design Phase
    • Help with Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing Design
    • Regular Budget Updates
    • Construction Documents
    • Agency Review Phase
    • Buyout Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Close-out Phase
  • Maintenance Phase

Learn more about the value we can provide at the investmentpreconstruction, and construction phases.

Woodside Traditional Residence

We are flexible.

While Nordby Signatures Homes is flexible when it comes to contract methods, we prefer to perform services on a cost-plus fee basis. We bill the client for direct costs for labor, materials, and subs, plus a percentage to cover overhead and profit. We find this method is an open book approach for a project that still being defined in size and scope. It is transparent in the sense that we don’t pad the price for unforeseen conditions. The approach also allows us to get started on your job early on, before the project plan is completely developed. Ultimately, you are paying for the work completed, with open books, at a known rate.